Friday, 24 May 2013

Random Bird

Somehow as soon as I have finished making a sculpture our cat has to 'own' it. How the cat figured that the bird might make a good place to sit, I'm not sure, but in case you were wondering the bird's tail
is an axe head
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Farmyard Goose

 This was a commission for  a french couple who retired to the Perigord which is famous for the production of geese. The goose is twice life-size and uses four shovels, two plough shears and a motorbike silencer in its construction.
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Sunday, 5 May 2013


 From the tall to the short! These chicks were created to go with a mother hen. Their bodies are metal boules, and the chicks simply push into the turf.
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Taller Dancing Crane

 This is the third dancing crane, rather taller than the last couple at 2m 30cm high. I used thinner and rather more flexible leg metal in an effort to get the sculpture to bounce about in a breeze, so emulating the dance of the real crane. Just need a bit of breeze to see if it works!
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