Friday, 31 July 2015


A little climbing squirrel designed to be climbing a tree in a very small garden for a local french lady.
His tail is a rusty chainsaw chain, feet are wood  augers, and his body is from a pair of ox shoes.

Iron Horse

Finished horse measures 2 metres long, 1.80 maximum height.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Iron Horse build-up

I don't usually bother to show build-up photos of my sculptures, but today is different.
I was asked for a full sized horse, so I am having to start with bigger parts than usual in the form of a few old ploughs. The challenge here is getting them apart, as everything was very rusted after a century or so in the corner of a field.

Iron Horse 2

Construction well under way; note the trolley to help me move the sculpture around as it gets heavier

Iron Horse 2

Weighing in at around 400kgs, I can't move this sculpture to get a good photo, but you can see the general idea. I may paint it if my client wants it painted, although my preference is to leave it in 'rust'.